Investor Relations

Roadmap for the Future

  • MMIH will list on Singapore Stock Exchange

    by means of an RTO/IPO within next 2 quarter

  • MMIH will be aggregating a number of assets in the Philippines

    as well as other countries in the Southeast Asia Region

  • The Value of the assets aggregated over a 3 to 5 year period will make MMIH

    one of the largest players in the Mineral, Oil and Gas (MOG) segment

  • Aim for production to start at one of the assets within 24 months period

    from listing thus assisting in the cash flow of the company for future Capex investments and other acquisitions

  • MMIH will review options for smelting and extraction facilities both onshore and offshore

    to optimize cost of production and be closer to the end user markets

  • MMIH intends to be a vertically integrated exploration and mining company

    operating in areas of drilling, exploration, production and refining.


Forecast Report


Forecast Report