MMIH is committed to maximize the efficiency of our natural resources for economic and social benefits while implementing measures to mitigate its environmental impact. This is through allotting our resources to effectively manage environmental risks in line with our policy that conforms with global and industry standards.
As we do our business, we aim our projects to create opportunities for the local communities while upholding human rights and supporting long-term development. We aim to become the industry leader when it comes to safety, fostering a workplace free from injuries and fatalities. It is our outmost commitment to protect the welfare of our people.
Synergy is our key guiding principle. We believe is creating synergistic value through building strong relations with the community to find common ground and establish mutual respect. MMIH is dedicated to using local suppliers and employing local staff wherever possible. Furthermore, MMIH provides several support services and development opportunities for local communities.
(IEC, MOA Review & Planning with Mahayahay Higa-onon Tribe)

Education Facility and Support

(IEC, MOA Review & Planning with Mahayahay Higa-onon Tribe)

Mahayahay Laboratory & E-Classroom: Construction

Infrastructure Development and Support Services

Mahayahay Water System Project

Rice Donation

Barangay Road Maintenance